[freestaters_nca] Freestaters Defying National ID


On Saturday, November 12, Free State activists from
Keene and as far away as New London Connecticut
gathered to defy national identification systems. In
full view of the social security administration,
social security cards were burned, sending a message
that national ID will not be accepted. Around twenty
activists gathered to take part in the torching

When Social Security was first foisted on America, the
cards were imprinted with, "Not to be used for
Identification." People were wary of the tyranny
involved with a national ID card, so the government
had to promise that the Social Security number would
never be used for ID. They have broken that promise.
As Americans became resigned to the idea of having a
national number, the promise was quietly removed from
the cards. Now, of course, the social security number
is used for so many purposes, it is a defacto national
ID number. Doctors, banks, motor vehicle departments,
utilities companies.the list is endless of groups
wanting your national ID number, groups having nothing
to do with social security and retirement funds.

Now, with the passage of the Real ID act, the National
ID card is outright law, and no longer just a defacto
national ID number. Individuals wishing to travel in
this country, whether it be driving themselves or
riding on trains, busses, and airplanes will now be
required to carry their national ID card, with their
national ID number included on it. Even walking in
public requires a person to carry their ID, as recent
court decisions show. National ID cards are to carry
"biometric data" probably in the form of a RFID chip,
which can be read from a distance. Personal data
about you will be available to any hacker on the
street, in addition to being given to the Mexican and
Canadian governments.

National ID cards have long been a tool of tyrannical
government. A government which abuses and therefore
fears its populace needs to be able to track them at
all times. No government who governs justly need
barricade itself in, as Washington D.C. has done. A
government who remains the servant of the people need
not track the peoples' every move.

To protest the injustice of the national ID number and
national ID card, Russell Kanning, Kat Dillon and
Lauren Canario of NHFree.com burned their social
security cards in front of the social security
administration in Concord, NH. A battered Lady
Liberty made her appearance. National ID and the
Patriot Act have given Ms. Liberty a rough few years.
Signs at the event read, "Your number citizen, Welcome
to the Machine," and "Social Security: The Big Lie.
World's largest pyramid scheme. Ponzi would be
proud." Signs were left for SS Admin employees to
enjoy the next workday. Kanning left the event with
the satisfaction of knowing that, "I finally said no
to the government on issues of being numbered and
being a part of the social security system." Young
William G., age 4, who attended the event stated
emphatically, "I don't want to be a number!"

Social Security Card Burn, The Movie is now available,

(About 5 1/2 minutes)

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