“Freedom” @SFChronical @SFWNBR “coverage” : Truth in Journalism

Starchild & Jeff, IF the @SFChronicle / msmSnews puts It in a Headline, It MUST be TRUE, Right? “Nudism is Freedom…”

Erudite ( Stanford grad ) Professional Lady Journalist Danielle Echeverria did #WNBRsf2024 a SOLID, & helped turn up the fire unde the … … heels … of lackadaisical & dismissive @SFBos(ses) & @LondonBreed, in the Weekend @SFChronicale* : https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/naked-bike-ride-sf-18659586.php .

Though I WISH Miss Echeverria had spoken with Other WNBRists to get broader perspective & possibly a less mirror-shattering/cringe-worthy lead photo.

Truth in Journalism is often hard to find, but sometimes it shows up like a gold nugget.