Freedom Ballot Access - Because Ballot Access Doesn't Just Happen

Freedom Ballot Access
Because Ballot Access Doesn't Just Happen
Dear Friend of Freedom,
Libertarian ballot access is up to you.

From sea to shining sea, you will decide. Will our candidates be on the ballot in 2008? Are we the Party of Winning Freedom, or The Party Free From Winners?

We're Freedom Ballot Access. We're here to help you make sure: In 2008, every American will be able to vote for a real Libertarian.

Freedom Ballot Access is not a PAC. We don't report to the FEC. We don't fund candidates. Every penny you contribute goes straight to supporting ballot access.

It's 2007. In North Carolina, we need approx. 100,000 raw signatures to get on the ballot. In Oklahoma, we need 60,000 raw signatures to get on the ballot.

In state after state, Libertarians face a double challenge. Ballot access is challenging. Their state parties are dead or dying.

Some people would say: Three strikes and out. We say: We're real Libertarians. We don't quit. Will Liberty win? That's up to you. Your donations will decide.

With your donations, we can capture ballot access in North Carolina and Oklahoma and perhaps other states. With your donations, we can revive state party after state party, helping our fellow Libertarians to help themselves. With your donations, we can gain ballot access across our great nation.

Please give generously.
(link goes to clickandpledge, which takes credit cards or paypal)

Remember: The National Libertarian Party has multiple priorities and a limited budget. Every dollar you contribute to FBA frees up more than a dollar for the LP -- money the LP can spend on the other things that real political parties must do. Freedom Ballot Access has only one priority: Ballot access. We have almost no administrative overhead. Our money goes to:

  a.. Petitioning
  b.. Litigation
  c.. Lobbying
  d.. Honest, low-cost fundraising like this email
To make your donations go as far as possible, we're asking functional state parties for matching gifts to equal yours.

In 2008, the Libertarian Party has wonderful opportunities. To use those opportunities wisely and build the Libertarian Future of Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity, our candidates need to be on the ballot.

The choice is yours. Do you want to be the Party that Wins Freedom? Or do you want The Party Free from Winners? Please help make us the winning party.

Please give generously to Freedom Ballot Access.

Yours for Liberty,

The Freedom Ballot Access Board

  Lee Wrights, Editor, Liberty for All
  Tom Knapp, Editor, Rational Review
  Sean Haugh, Libertarian Activist and FBA Treasurer
  Steve Gordon, Co-Founder, LibertarianLists
  Steve Kubby, Candidate for President
  George Phillies, Candidate for President