[Freed-M] The Sad, Sad State Of Virginia

Virginia was a slave state with a political party working to preserve slavery.??The party of slavery has undergone development to be the party of taxation and regulation, a more subtle form of slavery.??Anything otherwise in Virginia has been the products of a contrasting?? political operation. It is the failure of this political operation in delivering political products other than forms of slavery, that explains the trends in Virginia.??Widespread freedom and prosperity is not the natural condition of humanity.?? Those conditions arise from the political products designed and produced by people who know how to produce them.??John F. Bechtol;707-623-6005------ Original message------From: Nina Ortega via Groups.IoDate: Mon, Nov 11, 2019 10:45 AMTo: yahoogroups;LPSF Discussion List;Mensa Freed-M;Cc: Subject:[Freed-M] The Sad, Sad State Of Virginia
                https://townhall.com/columnists/scottmorefield/2019/11/11/the-sad-sad-state-of-virginia-n2556250 Ever since its citizens liked Ike in ???52 (other than one brief hiccup
in 1964 when Johnson trounced Goldwater almost everywhere), the
Commonwealth of Virginia had voted reliably Republican, until 2008. That
year, in a wave election, Democrat Barack Obama won several states
Republicans typically win, like Florida, North Carolina and Arizona. One
could have been forgiven, then, for thinking Virginia would come back
to the fold after the hipness wore off and the cold, hard reality of
quasi-socialist governance became all-too-real. After all, this is Old
Dominion we???re talking about, the land of Monticello and Williamsburg,
of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and more prominent founding Americans
than anywhere else. From Nathaniel Bacon to George Mason to Patrick
Henry and countless more, freedom and resistance to tyranny have been an
indelible part of that great state???s heritage.But
sadly, the blue never wore off. It only grew deeper and more dominant,
until last week, when the tiniest tint of red faded into the darkness
like the last sunset of a dying man, never to return.??That???s
right, folks. With a Democratic governor, lieutenant governor, attorney
general, both United States senators, seven of 11 representatives, and
now both State houses, the Commonwealth of Virginia is now officially a
blue state on par with the socialistic dystopias of California, New
York, and New England. It???s been a long time coming, albeit a slow,
gradual march to the abyss, but the land of the Bill of Rights, the
Declaration of Independence, and ???sic semper tyrannis??? has now become
the land of the snowflakes and social justice warriors.Which leaves many wondering, how on earth did this happen? Fox News host Laura Ingraham???s Wednesday night analysis may have gotten the attention
of Media Matters, but that doesn???t mean it???s any less true. To
Ingraham, the ???road to Democratic dominance??? in the formerly
right-of-center state was paved with demographic changes that began
taking place long before Trump???s 2015 trip down that New York City
escalator.???Virginia's foreign-born population nearly
doubled from 2000 and 2017,??? said Ingraham, ???and these immigrants are
mostly concentrated in Northern Virginia. Fairfax County, Loudoun
County, Prince William County, outside of D.C., and they are altering
the demographic makeup of the state - and, as The Washington Post and
others have pointed out, the electorate.???Quoting The
Washington Post???s reporting, the Fox News host noted that a full third
of Fairfax County???s population is now comprised of foreign-born
individuals. ???Half of the elementary school students there speak a
foreign language at home,??? said Ingraham. ???And since immigrants are more
likely to vote Democrat, well, this, of course has dragged the
electorate to the left. That's just a fact of life.???

As much as the left wishes to curb discussion
about such things, she???s not lying. The Hispanic percentage of
Virginia???s population alone went from
7.9 percent in 2010 to 9.6 percent in 2018, accounting for almost half
of the state???s overall population growth during that time. While most
are undoubtedly good people, hard workers, and solid economic
contributors, the fact that they come from ???big government??? countries
with little regard for personal freedom makes them more likely, sadly,
to vote for such policies in their new country. And exit polling shows
that 60 to 70 percent of them do, without fail, election after election.
Such voting behaviors, of course, are likely over time to lend
themselves to turning their new homes into the same sort of hellholes
they left, but for whatever reason, most are either unable or unwilling
to see the tragic irony.

Hispanics and other immigrants aren???t the only
factors, of course. Northern Virginia has experienced an exodus of
people seeking an escape from the bleak economic conditions of both
Maryland and Washington D.C. for years. They too fail to see the irony
as they poison their new home with the same failed policies as their old
ones. Either way, demographics will always be destiny. It???s a fact the left has understood for decades, but Republicans have either failed to see or feared to point out.??

I live in deep-red Tennessee, almost literally a
stone???s throw from the Virginia border. My town, Bristol, has a half in
Tennessee and a half in Virginia. Already, many are wondering how a $15
minimum wage will affect small businesses already struggling to survive
on the Virginia side. Others worry about new gun legislation that will
automatically make criminals out of the law-abiding and take away their
right to defend themselves. Several I know personally are at least
talking about moving over here to Tennessee, and freedom, and state
governance by people who, despite their faults, at least understand the concept of basic economics.Obviously,
elections have consequences, and Virginians will get to bear the
consequences of their poor choices, and that quite soon. Look for
bloated budgets, higher taxes, economic misery, and more social unrest
as Virginia slowly but surely goes the way of California. It???s sad,
tragic even, but in another sense it???s also part of the beauty of
federalism and why the nation???s founders left the states the powers not
expressly given to the federal government. Virginians failed to learn
the lessons of quasi-socialist California and others, so they???ll just
have to experience it themselves. It???ll be a lesson that we Tennesseans
and other red state residents can observe and hopefully learn from
firsthand - never, ever, ever go full blue.