[Freed-M] Seattle police seek more drones while two sit unused

Is there any effective supervision of police departments and their budgets? As we plunge ever deeper in debt, now recognized as the most serious threat to national security, elements of the police-state are buying drones for domestic surveillance training, until new policies are instituted to begin programs.

"The Seattle Police Department plans to expand its drone program over
the next year with the purchase of two additional units, documents
released to MuckRock indicate. The additional drones would cost SPD at
least $150,000. But beyond conducting limited training exercises, SPD
has never deployed the two drones it purchased in 2010 for $82,000.
Furthermore, SPD has no clear policy outlining how drones can be
deployed in the field.
Following public concern over the revelation that it purchased two
surveillance drones in 2010, the Seattle Police Department has assured
the public that it will deploy its Draganfly X6 units solely for
training and evaluation 'until appropriate policies for use are
developed and approved.' However, SPD rescinded its policy on deploying
unmanned aerial systems (UASs) after less than a month on the books,
without drafting any replacement guidelines. ..."