[Freed-M] Police Union Says No One in Law Enforcement Supports Legalizing Pot - Hit & Run : Reason.com

"Jim Pasco, executive director of the Fraternal Order of Police, claims
in a recent ABC News story that 'the law enforcement community is
universally consistent in its opposition to legalizing pot.' Which is
true, if you don't count Indiana State Police Superintendent Paul
Whitesell, former San Jose Police Chief Joe McNamara, U.S. District
Judge Robert Sweet, former Orange County, California, Superior Court
Judge James P. Gray, or the members of Law Enforcement Against
Prohibition. You'd also have to overlook King County Sheriff Steve
Strachan, former Seattle Police Chief Norm Stamper, former Seattle FBI
Special Agent in Charge Charles Mandigo, and former U.S. attorneys John
McKay and Katrina C. Pflaumer, all of whom publicly supported legalizing
pot in Washington. Plus former Colorado Assistant Attorney General Sean
McAllister, former Denver police Lt. Tony Ryan, former Deputy Town
Marshal Jason Thomas, former Polk County Sheriff's Deputy Lynda Carter,
former Travis County Senior Patrol Deputy Griffin Lott, former Municipal
Judge Leonard Frieling, former Denver Senior Deputy District Attorney
Lauren Davis, and former deputy district attorneys Ann Toney, Titus
Peterson, and Robert Knepel, all of whom publicly supported legalizing
pot in Colorado. Not to mention the National Black Police Organization
and the National Latino Officers Association, both of which endorsed
legalizing pot in California, Colorado, and Washington. ..."

But otherwise, he's entirely accurate. Well, except for a few others...

"... How many? In a 2011 online survey by /Police One/, more than
two-fifths of the 1,700 respondents said pot should be legal. The sample
is not necessarily representative, but active-duty cops who support
marijuana legalization clearly do exist in significant numbers. Even
among top police officials, there are dissenters, as a 2005 survey of
police chiefs and sheriffs indicates...."