[Freed-M] Police Union Caught Putting GPS On Rival Politician's Car And Framing Him For DUI

Criminal's may or may not be violating the law, but they are always violating humanity.
Lawbreakers may or may not be criminals.
Rogue governments are ongoing criminal enterprises.

That view is what I disagree with, since I choose to be as specific as possible. Law means what is written in law books, not what you and I personally decide is law. Of course laws might be unjust or foolish in our personal view, but they are still laws. If that were not the case, the ex cops you mentioned in your previous email must be afforded the same right of interpretation of what is law as you wish to have.



  Have you watched the video of Larsen Rose's 4th of July speech outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia?


  Given what you say here about the law, I'd be curious to hear your take on it.

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Interesting speech on the video, Starchild. However, I must confess that I watched only half, since the first half had some many holes in it.

Of course the Founding Fathers were traitors and criminals! They knew that very well themselves, when they said that they needed to all hang together or all hang separately. Unlike the thread of this discussion, the Founding Fathers knew and acknowledged they were breaking existing laws and would pay the consequences if they did not prevail.

What on earth makes the speaker on the video think that he speaks for "the American people," or the Founding Fathers spoke for all colonists? Perhaps the speaker acknowledges the presence of loyalists or Tories during the American Revolution later in his speech; I don't know. The Founding Fathers just happened to be smarter and braver than the loyalists, and so they won.

Today, frankly, I do not see any desire or movement to overthrow the current form of government. Sure, I see fiscal conservatives and nationalist wanting more pie than the socialists have allocated to them; and I see "resisters" fearful of losing their free pies. But that's it. The true anarchists ("true" to differentiate from the snowflakes who like to brake windows these days) are not even in anyone's radar screen.


While we're on the topic of crime, I can't resist sharing this spirited and amusing defense of free speech (not for the easily offended):


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Ha! Talk about gene pool! We're doomed.


Doomed? How so, Marcy? By capitalist standards, as well as nationalist/Trumpist trade deficit standards, Eminem's achievements have been a smashing success:

American rapper Eminem's music has been released on record labels Web Entertainment and Interscope Records, along with subsidiaries Aftermath Entertainment, Goliath Artists and his own Shady Records. Eminem is the best-selling hip-hop artist of all-time[1] and the best-selling artist of the 2000s[2] with US album sales at over 32.2 million during the decade.[3] As of November 2010, Eminem has four songs that have sold over three million downloads in the United States.[4] Eminem has sold more than 42 million track downloads in the United States alone.[5] His worldwide albums and singles sales stand at more than 300 million, with 172 million of that coming from albums.[6] [From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eminem_discography]

  He's also won widespread (and in my view well-deserved) critical acclaim, even being favorably compared with literary icon Mark Twain:

Over a century ago, a young man from Hannibal, MO, by the name of Samuel L. Clemens, published a series of essays and novels under the pseudonym "Mark Twain." His stories--and their memorable boy-heroes Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer--are, of course, considered among the greatest works in American literature. They are also among the most hated.

To this day, censors across the country strive to ban The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn from school and public libraries. (Huck is the fifth most often challenged book in America.)

The objections lodged against Huck are many. In the past, Huck and other Twain works were challenged as being anti-establishment - promoting deviant river-rafter lifestyles, rather than responsible citizenship...

Eminem: The New Mark Twain?

Is Eminem really any worse than Mark Twain? That is, is the shape of the river that different than the shape of 8 mile road?

Marshall Mathers [Eminem's real name] raps and sings some songs as himself: For example, "I'm Sorry Momma." In such songs, he never uses the "n word." He does use bad language to describe his family, such as the terms "faggot father" and "bitch." But is this really any worse than, say, the hundreds of pages dedicated to excrement in Thomas Pynchon's much-ballyhooed work of "literature" Gravity's Rainbow? ...

[More at http://supreme.findlaw.com/legal-commentary/is-eminem-really-any-worse-than-mark-twain.html]

  Like the 19th century writer, Eminem has a wicked sense of humor and uses it to skewer the bourgeoisie sensibilities of his era. If you can't stand him now, just wait a century or so (assuming the transhumanist goal of life extension pans out) and you'll have a chance to defend the streets named after Eminem and monuments erected to him against those who would "rewrite history" by getting rid of them. :wink:

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Yes! My point exactly! Eminem has made gazillions! He is the best we can do nowadays. And yes, he was in a way "elected." Yes, bring on singularity. We are doomed as a species. (And I remember banning Greenday from the house. Oy.)

PS. Funny aside: My daughter went to a New Kids on the Block live concert the other day, and said the place was packed with 30 and 40 somethings.