[Freed-M] In this Holiday Season, Shouldn't We at Least Begin to Think of Measures that Will Ensure Proper Vacations for Low-Income Americans? - Frommer's

Hmmmm... It's funny you would post this piece.

We're working on yachting for the poor here in Marin County, California. It is so obvious the kids growing up in the yacht clubs have a huge advantage over those who don't. We need more high-performers to sustain our lead in the tech industries.

Why not travel?

Without government inefficiency composting the productivity of our nation, yachting and travel could be as ubiquitous as roads.

Instead we have a new iron curtain, a new gulag, jack-booted police with battle armor and tanks, policed-farming, policed-dairies, policed-construction, policed-real-estate development, policed-manufacturing, policed-schools, policed-medicine, policed-domestic life, policed-gun-ownership, policed-assembly, and policed-free-speech.

Be sure to get your permits.

But lucky for California, we're still rolling in cash, in spite of the new Kremlin and its millions of minions. So maybe we can break the grip of this new evil police-empire.

It is clear that government is in the way of yachting and travel for everyone. So Tim Draper has proposed slashing California government into six pieces as a start. With perseverance and help from graduates of our yachting and travel academies, we can slash
the six governments into 58 pieces, each corresponding to a county.

It's going to get interesting. Who wudda thought the Jefferson Republic activists would have billionaire allies in Silicon Valley.

You don't suppose the venture capitalists are looking for a free country, close to home?