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It isn't so much your singular business, but the business you influence and have with others that is important.

There are some people who would suspend their business with AB and SW according to your interest. Those people also have networks who would suspend their business according to their interests, and so on.

One wouldn't think it would take a genius to put this together into a machine, but it does.

This model became a well-oiled machine, years before 1776. The loyalists, their business starving in the colonies, had to pack up and go back to England. By 1776, the loyalist's political influence approached zero and the American Revolution was over. Its conclusion was signaled by the signing of the Declaration of Independence and with its reading in NYC.

Naturally, the King and his statist elements would foment terrorism, instigate more Indian problems, and kill a bunch of people, after the Revolution, in a failed war of conquest. That war, was no-more a "revolutionary war" than WW I. And also like WW I, it was succeeded by another failed effort to vindicate the previous failed war of conquest with fresh soldiers from the next generation.

The statists are truly a disgusting element.

And this misnomer of the post-Declaration-of-Independence-conflagration, by statist-war-glory-historians, has confused the political and economic conditions of the era and robbed following generations of the true genius of the Founders.

From the historians, one would conclude that the Founder's greatness was the conduct of a brutal war, the

formation of a powerful, central government, and therein lies the key to liberty.

This will be discovered to be the greatest lie in history. The true genius of the Founders was the Revolution before 1776, by which, in the Colonies, there were 11 colonial democracies, British authority became in-name-only and the King was a "dead-man-walking"