[Freed-M] Die Now

There is a lot of this sentiment around. (see below) Whether the party will survive, depends on how quickly the central committees can or will change. This will depend on how much pressure the Tea Party and other fiscal and Constitutional conservatives put on the political scene.

I put up them for years, but Deukmejian was the last straw. When he "rebated" the state's operating capital (so-called surplus) to make Brown look bad and get political points for himself, he put the state's check-writing on the borrowed money from his banking-business-cronies, every quarter, from then until now.

Every payment, paycheck and purchase is made on short-term loans, until the quarterly returns pay-off the debt.

And the Republicans billed this as the great "tax rebate" to return "all the money", Brown taxed from the "suffering tax payers". What a scam!!

The amount of house-cleaning, necessary to restore the Republican Party to a decent organization will be massive. And this needs to be done on a serious hangover of Romney's big government intoxication.

We'll see.


By Blay Tarnoff

All last year, as the Republican clowns each took their turn leading the pack,
except Ron Paul, of course, we kept hearing about how any one of them could
easily beat Obama, except Ron Paul, of course. The truth is that Ron Paul,
with his deep appeal to liberals and conservatives alike, was the only one
who ever had a chance to beat Obama. The Republicans knew it, but there
was something more important than winning: Ron Paul did not play their
game. The Republicans like to talk about freedom, but it is merely a shell
game of lies. Ron Paul meant it, and that was simply unacceptable. It is
one thing to pretend to believe in freedom to fool people into voting to
give you the power to control and extort them; it is quite another to
actually allow them to have it. Because even if Obama wins, the game
continues. Yes, it's sad for the Republicans that the Democrats get to
make the rules and pick at the best spoils for a while longer; but at least
the gravy train of unfair rules and spoils for both sides continues -- a
much better result than seeing the whole corrupt system go down the drain.
With Paul, the unfair rules and spoils would end: a "gift" to the people
of their own money and power, while an unthinkable tragedy for those
Democrats and Republicans alike to whom it currently "belongs." Pity the
poor parasites of the people having to create real value to survive, just like
the pitiful scum they rule.

But all that aside, the fact remains that the Republicans made a bargain with
us, then shoved it down our throats: they promised us they would win,
thereby giving us someone who is a little bit better than Obama, if we
would just give up the insane idea of Ron Paul. Well, "we" did, and the
Republicans still lost. That may be preferable to them, especially when we
all finally forget the "bargain" they forced down our throats, as they
anticipate we will, but the fact of the matter is that because they are
losers, they are also exposed as hypocrites and liars. By their landslide
defeat in this election, the Republican Party has shown itself to be
completely worthless, even by its own standards. They have played the last
card they have: just let us do things the "sane" and "sensible" way and
although we will not deliver the perfection we claim to support, at least
we will make things marginally better when we easily defeat this
notoriously weak candidate. But they lost. Big time. And so now, the
Republican Party, in its current form, has nothing to offer any more. They
forced us to abandon principle in exchange for victory but gave us neither.
There is no excuse for anyone to support the party of lying losers ever
again. The time has finally come: the Republican Party needs to die now.