FREE KQED Town Hall event, Tuesday May 17th, 7-9pm in the Mission district

If you're not going to the McAfee presidential fundraiser on Tuesday (see separate email I just sent), here's a less expensive activist thing to do...

  Heard about this on the radio the other day and signed up – it sounds like a good opportunity to inject some dissident voices into the dialogue. Since it's KQED, there will presumably be radio and/or TV coverage, and the "town hall" descriptor suggests a good amount of audience participation .

  You can register for your ticket(s) here (and by all means let other pro-freedom folks know!):

  The event takes place at this location:

Brava! for Women In the Arts
2781 24th Street [between York and Hampshire]
San Francisco, CA 94110

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)

  Here is the full description from the website:

Thanks, Starchild! I just signed up.
I am surprised you didn't suggest a question about top-two, since this is a meeting about California elections. I just submitted a question. "In November 2014, California voters were the only voters in the nation who either had to vote for a Republican or a Democrat for all statewide partisan offices, or they couldn't vote at all. Do you think it is wrong to restrict choices in the general election for Congress and state office this severely?"
Richard Winger 415-922-9779 PO Box 470296, San Francisco Ca 94147

Good idea Richard, I should have thought of that. Thanks!

Love & Liberty,
                                ((( starchild )))

Looking over the questions I wrote, I notice I also forgot to finish the question about jury nullification. Here's a completed version of that question:

• One issue that matters to me this year is jury nullification, because America reportedly has the world's highest incarceration rate and too many people are in jail for things that shouldn't be crimes, and by being on a jury you could save someone from wrongly spending years behind bars at taxpayer expense. When you encourage people to exercise their right to vote in elections, do you also urge them to exercise their right to vote as jurors?

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))