Forwarding old discussion containing LPSF EIN

I just did an email search on Pitch-In Button because I knew I had sent the LPSF EIN to Starchild for the Pitch-in Button before I passed on all the LPSF papers. Having the number might help the current situation. Maybe later you all can try to obtain the IRS letter. See my email of 4/13/15 below.


This must be the LPSF EIN# because the last four digits agree with the info from BofA.

Perhaps Marcy gave Aubrey a file or papers when she “retired” from active participation and the IRS letter is there.


Hi Les and All. Indeed Marcy did give me a bunch of very organized stuff
when she "retired," and I only glanced through at the time, so it's very
possible that The Letter is in there. I'll go through it tonight and
hopefully find it.


Hi All. I did go through all the stuff I inherited from Marcy last night,
and there was no letter from the IRS with our tax ID number. I'll call the
IRS later in the month and explain the situation and see if I can extract a
letter out of them. Will also try the state LP and see if they can shed
any light on the situation. Thanks, everyone, for your efforts. We're not
going to be stuck with B of A just because of this problem.