For those interested in ABAG & "Plan Bay Area" stuff

An op-ed on the 48 Hills blog (run by former Bay Guardian editor Tim Redmond) indicates not everything is all buddy-buddy among the government functionaries trying to plan our futures --

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Hi Starchild and All,

Yes!!! The Plan is having its difficulties. Thanks for calling our attention to the 48 Hills article, Starchild. For the same but different perspective, I would love it if everyone read the post on the Libertarian Party of San Francisco website intimating the unraveling of Plan Bay Area

Bay Area - Still Trying to Create Housing by Restricting Development

Indeed, MTC is the "money bag" as the article indicates, while ABAG has turned into the advocate of the feel good crowd. Well, it takes money to satisfy the feel good crowd. And taxpayers might say enough already.

The original reason for the Plan was to decrease green house gas emissions, but the feel good crowd took the opportunity to insert into the Plan all kinds of "social justice" stuff. So now, folks like Supervisor Campos, who promoted and voted for Plan Bay Area, are saying, "Huummm... we seem to need more social justice legislation because the Plan is displacing everybody in my district." We could have told you that (some of us who filed Civil Grand Jury reports on Plan Bay Area stated just that, there will be displacement).

The hugeness of Plan Bay Area is escaping most Bay Area residents. But residents will wake up when their taxes are sky high and they have no control over their own property.