For SF Pride volunteers not on the OutrightSF list -- Monitor training...

Begging and pleading for people to join the OutrightSF Yahoo group doesn't
seem to work, so I've given up and decided to post the most important SF
LGBT Pride things here on the lpsf-discuss list.

We need AT MINIMUM ten parade contingent monitors for Pride this year,
preferably 15. This requires going to a short training session (yes, even
if you've attended one before). It's brief and kind of fun, so please try
to get trained if you possibly can. There's no such thing as too many
monitors. Please forward to any Bay Area lists you are a member of. Note
that the San Jose one is this weekend, so please forward immediately to
anyone in the South Bay who may be interested. If anyone is unwilling to go
alone, I'll be at The Eagle on the 12th. Terry Floyd from the East Bay LP
is going to the Emeryville one. People are posting which one they plan to
attend on the OutrightSF list if you are interested in going to one of the

Jun 5 Sat 2:00 PM Billy DeFrank Community Ctr, 938 The Alameda, San Jose

Jun 8 Tue 8:30 PM Head Over Heels, 1250 45th St, Emeryville

Jun 12 Sat Noon The Eagle, 398 12th and Harrison, SF

Jun 13 Sun 1:00 PM SEIU Local 1000, CSEA, 1108 "O" Street, 5th Floor,

[Jun 14 Mon TBA Xenodrome, 1320 Potrero Street (at 25th), SF]

Jun 15 Tue 7:00 PM Citadel, 245 8th Street (between Howard and Folsom)
Jun 16 Wed 7:00 PM Mission Station Community Room, 630 Valencia St, SF

Jun 19 Sat Noon Women's Building, 3542 18th St, SF
Jun 20 Sun 1:30 PM Metropolitan Community Church of SF, 150 Eureka, SF