For an accurate estimation of the type of support that Ron Paul gets from the GOP click here:

For an accurate estimation of the type of support that Ron Paul gets from the GOP click here:
    What I read on a men's room wall is more credible, more responsible, and more honest than what I read here.
  The assertions about Ron Paul do not follow from any actual words, or deeds, of Ron Paul.
  This NWO propaganda piece is REPLETE with logical fallacies: Straw man, guilt by association, and out right falsehoods.
  Concerning the guilt by association:
  It is difficult to attribute that this distortion to mere stupidity.
  This degree of stupidity could only come from a person who is unable to write anything at all.
  This has to be gross dishonesty.
  The simple reality that Ron Paul is only responsible for his own words, and deeds, should be understood by any honest person.
  Are we actually to believe that the most conservative, most constitutionalist voting record, that any congressman has every achieved, was orchestrated by such a man as is described here???
  If Ron Paul gets the support of those, who come from other philosophies, that is merely the effect of his personal charisma, and his amazing ability to present his message convincingly.
    Gandhi said:
  "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
Ron Paul has just graduated to the next level.
  It appears that the intent is to make Dr. Paul appear to be some "radicalized thought crime" candidate.
  70% of the people oppose the war, but only one of 11 candidates oppose the war.
  Ron Paul broke the record for fund raising.
  Ron Paul wins most of the straw polls.
  Ron Paul is in at the top in hits on Google, Myspace, Facebook and many other web based engines.
  Yet the mainstream media tries to call him a "long shot".
  Could it be "wishful thinking", or a "self fulfilling prophesy"?
  At the same time GOP backs a cross-dressing, pro-choice, gun control, cousin marrying, and on his 3rd wife, CFR member.

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  one after another,
  with no end until you exit.