Follow-up on the bulge, from Truthout

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Dear Michael and Others,

Bulge photos from the story which doesn't stop:

If that isn't enough see the Google Hits for the Bush Bulge Story and Cover UpsI 232,000 pages worth!

Bush is obviously wired for talking just like any other Puppet where you put words in its mouth and you pull its strings.Surprised? Why? It's all about power - getting it and keeping it. Nothing else matters to power control freaks.

Makes you wonder who the Puppet Master is pulling them strings and doing the voice-overs. Is it the infamous: The Carlyle Group?

Or as it has been pointed out at this web site the people in the Caryle Group who make money off of terrorism and war?

Nice to see your tax dollars being put to work for you by those who know best.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian

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