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Dear Mike and Everyone Else;

The Board of Supervisors was not elected to be the US State Department - all
politics is local stay local - end all the foreign policy statements by the
board of supervisors. Stick to what SF needs and this is less taxes and less
city bureacracy.

Ron getty
SF Libertarian


Amen to that!

We will accomplish a lot more if we don't divert our attention from local

Let National LP deal with Congress, and Prez, and national issues, while we
spend time on local issues. We are LP of SF.

Anyone who has national issues or foreign policy issues shd take them up
directly with Feinstein, Boxer, Pelosi etc -- ie our elected officials with that
portfolio of concerns.

State issues should be taken up with Mark Leno, Leland Yee, Fiona Ma etc.

Lets dedicate ourselves to work directly only on local issues with local
Lets not go to an auto mechanic when we have a toothache. Lets rather go to
the dentist.

Lets stay focused and we will get more accomplished.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating -- let the results accomplished to
date be a referendum on the methods pursued to date. And lets learn, adapt,
evolve our strategies to maximize future effectiveness.

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