Fliering for Jo Jorgensen & Spike Cohen

A bunch of literature I'd been trying to get from the Jo Jorgensen for President campaign finally arrived yesterday, so there's lots to distribute between now and Tuesday!

  Who can spend some time helping, and when is good for you? Respond via the list where you saw this, email me directly, or call or text me at the number below to coordinate.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))
LPSF Chair
(415) 625-FREE

P.S. – This message from Libertarian congressman Justin Amash in support of Jo also came in yesterday:


Anybody want to go out and distribute fliers with me today? It would be a shame for all this literature not to get into the hands of voters. To the extent it does not, we all share responsibility for that.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

Jeff and I were able to distribute two big packages of fliers on cars and at homes in about 2.5hrs on foot.

Seeing our city streets covered in Jorgensen fliers was well worth the effort!

Jeff, Greg, do you guys intend to do it again tomorrow, and if so, where in
Berkeley will you be?

Jeff and I are out of the fliers we picked up this morning.

How many packages of fliers do we have left, Starchild?

I have one more unopened packet of rack card fliers like the two I gave you guys Greg, and maybe 2/3rds of a second packet.

  There are also about 1 and 3/4 boxes of business card fliers, and a stack of 3x5 card fliers about 1 and 1/2 times as high as one of the packets you picked up.

  I consider the 3x5 cards the lowest priority to distribute, because they talk about how "The old parties have tried to keep us down, but not this time" and being "on our way to the White House" – bad messaging given that Jo and Spike are very unlikely to get elected. Talking about how Libertarian candidates are going to get elected, and then having them not get elected, reduces the party's credibility and can lead to higher levels of disappointment and burnout among our supporters.

  It's important for people to understand the long odds stacked against us, and that a win for Libertarians is getting the message out to more people, securing easier ballot access, and improving our vote totals to continue building the movement while picking up a few wins in lower offices here and there. (And we have an outside shot at at least a couple relatively high-level offices this cycle, but unfortunately not the U.S. presidency.) If Jo and Spike can beat expectations however, that will be a high-profile win.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))

I agree.

Personally, I was disappointed with the content of the fliers. They were very generic and did not distinguish the Libertarian vote from other parties. Jeff and I are already looking forward to making sure that doesn’t happen again four years from now—advertisements should always be catered to the community being targeted (e.g. we’ve been fighting for gay rights since the 70’s, decades before Biden voted to pass unconstitutional restrictions on federal marriage recognition, etc.). But perhaps that’s on us for not doing more; national candidates can’t possibly know what might work best locally.

That said, letting people know that there are more than two parties in politics is a big win, regardless of the message.

Starchild, we’ll pick up some more materials tomorrow morning and help distribute in SF or the east bay. If anyone is interested in joining, text me at: 805.746.4833.


Hi Richard,

We walked the campus area yesterday and are planning on walking the residential area (north and/or east berkeley) today around noon. We just picked up the materials from Starchild and are on our way back now. Let us know if you want to join!

Greg (from Jeff’s phone)