Firecracker uses the Brown Act toinvalidate HB's new RV ordinance

Look at the below message carefully. This is one of the few affective activists we have in California at work. He is actually affecting how his local government is run. He is a person that appears before his city council every time they meet to address issues. The newspapers in his city will call him often and ask him about what he thinks about a new law to ban smoking on the beaches or some other restriction and then report on what "Libertarian" Norm Westwell says about the proposed new law or ordinance. When a vacancy appears in the school board his name will at least come up. He is one of the few Libertarians in California with at least some political power or notoriety. Below after his e-mail you will find an article that was published by National LP about how he did it. This is the kind of activism we need to be involved in in our local communities. This is the way for us to step up into local politics and beyond. I hope that at the next convention we will have a seminar by this man about how to do local activism.

Mark Selzer
Southern Vice Chair