Final Auction Memo

Final Auction Memo!

Dear Supporters:

     Wow, Auction day is only 5 days away (this means we are really down
the wire!).

     PLEASE contact me ASAP if you plan to attend the event and haven't
so already... we need this count to figure out food and cocktail
We have some really exciting items for you to bid on this coming
(for those who have already contacted me thank you! I look forward to
meeting each of you in just a few short days!).

     For any supporters who are making donations - please make certain
I know about them on or before Thursday Morning so I can get them into
catalog. Information should be sent to me and physical items should be
delivered to Mike Denny.

E-mail me or call as soon as you can.
Jackie Brennan
(510) 614-8210

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