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I found this on the Libertarian Party of Canada's website (, and I think it would be a good idea to have a similar blurb on our site. As a candidate, I am happy to go and speak to any group in SF that wants to hear me, and would be glad to be listed. I know we have others willing to speak as well.

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Speaking Engagement Organizer:

Party leader Sam Apelbaum has offered to speak once monthly to any interested group or organization in the Toronto area about the Ontario Libertarian Party and the ideas of liberty that inspire it. We need a committed and reliable volunteer who wishes to contribute by setting up a speaking engagement each month. The following are the elements of the job:

1. Seek out and contact likely prospects.

2. Arrange and coordinate speaking engagement date and time.

3. Confirm all relevant details two days prior to date of speaking engagement.

4. Arrange for and secure material to be handed out in connection with the speaking engagement (e.g. Bastiat’s “The Law”, application for party membership, etc.).

For further details email or telephone 416-283-7589.