Fighting for libertarianism in each State vs. Federal government

It may be very inconvenient to have fifty different laws in certain areas of commerce, but often individual state legislartures find it convenient to adopt standards among themselves. For example, building codes are largely standard and the bulk are written by private organizations. Prior to the interstate highway system the various states cooperated on a network of thruways that enabled a driver to traverse from Bangor Maine to Kansas City without a single stop sign or light. Prior to the thruway system that evolved largely organically, all of the States motor vehicle directors formed an association that created and maintained the US Route system which included US Route 66 of country.legend.

DeToqueville, in his absolutely up to date observations on the success of the United States, written yesterday in 1836, repeatedly warned that seperation of powers including the seperation of powers at the national , State , and local levels, was the root of liberty , prosperity and security.His Democracy In America remains an absolute must read for anyone who cares about liberty and it's fruits.