FEMA Hates This... (#1 item to hoard)

Here is another example of fear-mongering scumbags, seeking sales by promoting the helplessness of American patriots. Let's make sure this results in a boycott of their business.
Apparently they have forgotten that we produce the food they are trying to sell.
Then they are taking advantage of our good nature and concern for the welfare of our families.

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Subject: FEMA Hates This... (#1 item to hoard)

FEMA Hates This… (#1 Item to


FEMA recently ordered 420 million survival meals.
FEMA is scared that people will hoard

survival food because it is the #1 most critical item in a crisis. They know that if you control the food supply, then you control the people. Makes
sense, doesn't it?

I’ve found 4 warning signs that show that a major food crisis is on our doorstep, and many experts

agree that we are just 1 more “trigger” away from disaster. And when that happens, or God forbid you have to deal with another natural
disaster, there's no way you want to rely on FEMA to feed you and your family, right?

That's why smart

patriots have secured their own stockpile of survival food.

And it explains why emergency food is flying off the shelves and is sold

out at many suppliers.

In fact, FEMA recently contacted my food supplier and attempted to buy up their inventory (thankfully, my supplier

refused to sell to FEMA). Why would the government do this? What do they know that we don't?

Listen, gold prices are around $1,332 an

ounce these days.

But you can get true food independence with a little known secret that instantly saves you & your family from

the coming food crisis for 98.1% less than an ounce of gold.

Which is the better investment? [HINT: you can't eat gold]
When the grocery store shelves are bare, you and your family will have plenty to eat. You won't have to rely on FEMA or those crooks in the

government to put food on your table. In fact, your surplus food will literally be worth more than gold.

FEMA Hates This… #1 item to

hoard [VIDEO]

P.S. Here's proof... On August 8, InfoWars.com reported that "FEMA is contacting storable food

suppliers requesting immediate delivery of food reserves within a 24 hour period, increasing suspicions that the federal government is accelerating
its preparations for social disorder or an environmental calamity." Emergency food supplies are now sold out at many locations. Click here to get your food stockpile before they're