Federalism and Germany

Brian, In reviewing my e mails I was saddened by your response to my concerns about the dangerous symetry between the centralism of socialism in the US and similar events in Germany from 1875 to the burning of the Reichstag.

Hitler's rise did occur sequentially from his base, but that is irrevelant to my concern. The fabric of German civilization had been torn asunder by war and then by hyperinflation,. A similar ruination of society by hyperinflation may be occuring here before our very eyes. National socialism has been the norm in this country for over 50 years, and power has been progressively transferred to Berlin er I mean Washington for the past seventy years.
Bad monetary policy and centralization of power were major factors in Germany's descent into Hell.
Might I remind you that gay folks did not do too well in the Third Reich.

For insight into the absolute necessity for a decentralized Republic, I urge you to read Alexis DeToquevilles Democracy In America, written in the 1830's but fresher than last weeks New Yorker. BTW he was accompanied by his steady male companion, and he had particularly kind comments and affections for the Marquis de Lafayette, who incidently was quite fond of George Washington.
d'Toqueville makes it clear that the check and balance of power of the Federal system is essential for liberty. If the States lose power to Washington, Liberty will be lost. He was right., and is proving more correct every day.

Ron Paul is the only major party candidate who has seriously raised the issues of either Federalism or fiat money in my lifetime.

In my view he is the best hope today in heading off the rise of the Fourth Reich on the Potomac.

He may be a misquito on the body politic, but Ghandi said " if you ever think you do not matter, try sleeping with a misquito."


P.S. If you think the economy is OK turn off CNBC and go to www.shadowstats.com