Federalism, abortion, etc.

Starchild, The idea of Federalism is that in an imperfect world if one state gets it wrong, at least another state can get it right. If one state gets too repressive, one can always move to the closest state that is saner. If Roe was overturned, the availability of abortions would probably in fact be much more assured. Planned parenthood could open up shop in Missippi and give girls tickets to California, or whatever was the cheapest deal they could get from Southwest or greyhound. Planned parenthood would be protected by the first ammendment. If Missippi f'd with PP, then the fed could step in to protect individual rights and interstate commerce. The present arrangement risks a constitutional ammendment against abortion to overrule the courts, or national legislation to ban abortion, as the precedent was set by roe that the Feds could tell every state what to do to protect the rights of women, it is not too much of a leap to tell each state what it must to protect the civil liberties of the unborne. With this reasoning, only trips to mexico would do , and the feds could use their control of the borders to stop that. Thus overturning Roe v. Wade is the best way to prevent a nationwide abortion ban from happening as the political tide churns. But warning, keep this here , do not try this arguement at home with liberals. It will certainly be bad for business in San Francisco.

Restoring state sovereignty would go a long way to allow at least some states to be freer. The freer states would certainly be much more succesful and attract the best talent.

one state gets it wrong, at least another state can get it right.

I'm 110% with you, and this is sort of like what I say about Range
Voting, in that it's something that is essentially non-partisan. It
should help _everyone_, overall. Why should anyone be against it?
The worst case scenario is that your state goes in a direction you
like less - but that is more that compensated by the fact that there
will likely be a state which serves your ideals 1000 times MORE.
Restoring state sovereignty should be one of our top priorities -
something that people should be fighting tooth and nail for. It's
quite bizarre that we're not.