Explaining Libertarianism

I was trying to think of a single sentence to sum up Libertarianism in an concrete way and came up with this:

  Libertarians are folks who want the government to stay out of your bedroom, medicine cabinet and wallet.

I like it because it's true and:

1) you don't need to know any political terminology to understand it

2) it's a position that everyone can agree with (who wants the government invading any of these places when it comes to themselves?)

3) puts anyone opposed to Libertarians in a rather awkward position

- Steve

That's a sign I made for the Pride parade several years ago, except that
I said "purse" instead of "wallet."

That's the slogan the University of Michigan College Libertarians have used since I was the VP a few years ago for putting on a poster that we use to recruit incoming freshmen to join the group. It's always been effective for us. :slight_smile:


Great, sorry to have claimed it as my own. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish memories from new ideas.

- Steve