Exciting Sex Worker Film & Arts Fest stuff in SF this weekend!

I apologize about not having been more proactive in already posting notice about this stuff to the SF list in particular. There's been a lot going on this week and I've been going to stuff, but I realize that a lot of it is or should be of interest to Libertarians, and I've been remiss in not passing on word of it.

  Today there is a festival of short sex-work-related films happening at the Roxie, with films that started at 12 noon and go until 2am. Those of you who were at the California Libertarian Party convention in April and came to the sex work panel I organized got to see a couple (or at least one and a half), and know that it can be very interesting material.

  The main website for the week's sex worker related events in SF is SexWorkerFest.com, and the film schedule is listed at http://www.sexworkerfest.com/swfest2007/movieschedule.html

Love & Liberty,
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