Examiner Publishes Response To My Op/Ed

Dear Everyone;
  The Examiner published this LTE in response to the OP/ED I wrote about cutting the minimum wage and cutting income taxes for low-wage workers. It's the usual exploitation of the workers and those at the top making all the profits and increase the taxes on businesses and the wealthy.
  Too bad he ignores the fact if there weren't any "obscene profits" there would be no money to hire workers or keep them hired and if the wealthy didn't have money to invest there would be no businesses to tax.
  Ron Getty
  SF Libertarian
  State wage increase
  Although I agree with Ron Getty that reducing taxes of low-paid workers and cutting the regressive sales tax of non-luxury items is wise (as is replacing the lost revenue with taxes on corporations and the wealthy), his comments on the minimum wage are off [�Wage hike won�t help low-paid workers,� Jan. 12].

A recent study shows the San Francisco minimum wage did not hurt the economy or cost us jobs. What he entirely omitted is that those at the top of the pyramid are making obscene profits from those of us at the bottom. The minimum wage helps prevent such exploitation.

David Tornheim

  The City