Examiner Publishes My Anti-Drug Laws Pot Case LTE with Libertarian Affiliation

Dear Everyone;
  Monday this article was in the Examiner about a new medical marijuana case where the specific issue was: marijuana should be allowed if it is the only viable option to keep a patient alive or free of excruciating pain. Think Libertarian Kubby as an example.
  This case is with the 9th U.S. Circuit of Appeals. As you know other marijuana issues have been shot down by the Supremes. This is another attempt to address the medical marijuana issue.
  When I saw this I wrote an LTE which called for the repeal of the drug war laws. If not that then at least de-criminalizing medical use of marijuana with a doctor's prescription like Prop 219 allows in California.
  The Examiner agreed and published. See the url for a pdf copy of the on-line version of the street edition or a copy below:

    Dear Letters;
  The Angel Raich medical marijuana pot case [Medical pot case back in court," March 27] exemplifies the waste of taxpayers� money in the War on Drugs in just court case battles. FBI national crime statistics reports 725,000 personal- possession pot arrests while 650,000 arrests were made for murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. These figures show the impact drug laws and Drug Enforcement Adminstration largesse have on local police departments.
  Congress should repeal the War on Drugs, which is wasting billions of taxpayer dollars while creating a profitable market for drugs through un-intended consequences.
  If Congress is un-willing to totally repeal it, at least de-criminalize all personal possession medical marijuana use with a doctor�s prescription.
  The federal government claims there is no therapeutic medical value to pot. Yet hundreds of medical pot users have found relief from their pain. It�s time Congress stopped being such a pain on personal-possession medical marijuana use.
  Ron Getty
  Chair, Initiatives Committee
  Libertarian Party San Francisco