Ex-Bureaucrash activists arrested in Mississippi for not producing ID and for possessing beer in a "dry" county

Jason Talley and Pete Eyre, respectively the founder and immediate past head of the libertarian activist group Bureaucrash (see http://www.Bureaucrash.com), were arrested on May 14 in an all-too-common abuse of police authority, along with Adam Mueller, a resident of the town where the arrest occurred. Talley, Eyre, and another friend have been traveling across the country in a motor home to promote freedom. A local sheriff who does not respect the Constitution, Alex Hodge, defended the illegal arrests made by his agents, but unfortunately a Mississippi paper covering the story (see below) did not mention that the government has no legal Constitutional authority to force people to produce identification or to stop them from possessing beer (the 14th Amendment prohibited the states from abridging the rights enjoyed by U.S. residents under the federal Constitution, and as is illustrated by the fact that adopting alcohol Prohibition from 1919 to 1933 required a constitutional amendment, laws banning alcohol are an unconstitutional rights violation unless the Constitution is changed).

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