Hi All,

Three opportunities to have a great time with LPSF'rs you already know, and friends you are yet to meet:

1. September social (so, it's one day late), Saturday October 1, 3:00 pm, Bryce Bigwood's home, 625 Anderson, San Francisco. Those that missed the last social at Bryce's home missed a lot! Please let Bryce know you are coming this time.

2. Veggie Dinner, LPSF co-sponsorship with Dave Goggin's group thanks to Michael Edelstein's efforts; Friday October 14, 6:30 pm, Bok-Choy Garden, 1820 Clement St. This certainly is a great chance to meet new people. This event could be called our October social. Please let Dave know you are coming. Dave subscribes to the LPSF Discuss List; or you can e-mail him personally at<mailto:dg2222@…>

3. David Rhodes is planning the LPSF famous Semi-Annual Dinner as we speak. The dinner will be in November. Stay tuned for details from David Rhodes.