Entrepreneurs Take Advatage Of The WIC Program

Dear Everyone;

Free market entrepreneurs have found a way to take advantage of the governments WIC program. This is the Womens Infants Children program to provide very specific basic food like milk, juice, infant formulas, egg, cheese and cereal to no-income or low-income women with children. At last count some 7.7 million recipients monthly.

Specialty food markets have been set up to do only WIC and are charging 10 - 20% higher than comparable general food stores. Apparently there is enough profit to be made that some WIC stores have bought retail at grocery stores then sold premium at the WIC store.

As a result the allocated funds for the program don't stretch as far and now some members of Congress are talking price caps on the WIC program foodstuffs.

A good intentions program but once again your tax dollars at work freely flowing to the wallets of everyone else but yours.


Ron Getty
SF Libertarian