Endorsements and Recommendations

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Here's a brief summary of the voting on Saturday. All decisions required
3/4 of the votes cast.

Mayor: Mike Denny (unanimous endorsement)

Sheriff: no recommendation

Hallinan and Harris received 0 votes; there were 3 for no recommendation.

NO on A (unanimous) (school bond)

no recommendation on B (1 YES, 7 NO, 4 no recommendation) (pension contract

no recommendation on C (3 YES, 6 NO, 2 no recommendation) (city auditor)

NO on D (1 YES, 9 NO, 2 no recommendation) (small business commission)

NO on E (0 YES, 10 NO, 1 no recommendation) (ethics reform)

NO on F (0 YES, 9 NO, 2 no recommendation) (early retirement)

NO on G (unanimous) (rainy day fund)

YES on H (unanimous) (police commission reform)

NO on I (unanimous) (child care)

NO on J (unanimous) (special homeless shelters)

NO on K (unanimous) (transportation plan)

NO on L (unanimous) (living wage)

NO on M (unanimous) (anti-begging)

NO on N (unanimous) (taxi medallions)

[*] A recommendation does not entitle a candidate to list our support, but
it does mean we recommend that candidate to our membership as the best of
the candidates on the ballot.

A write-up of the decisions will be sent out by e-mail and to the most
active registered Libertarians, as well as by press release.

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