Eliot Spitzer shows he's good for something after all

The former prosecutor of sex worker clients and others, New York governor, and finally "Client #9," accuses the New York Fed of bailing out the very banks that run it, labeling it a "Ponzi scheme" and "inside job." It's too bad he wasn't saying these things when he had more credibility. But better late than never.

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It should be noted at the time Spitzer was run out of office, the secret police admitted that they used provisions of the 'Patriot Act' to gather evidence against him. It's also noteworthy that Spitzer's downfall came at the very moment Paulsen and Bernancke (both agents of Goldman-Sachs) were preparing to hijack the economy with the TARP bailout. Maybe that's what really ought to be investigated here.

Take a look at this article from 2004...very telling.



Eliot Spitzer

How New York's attorney general became the most powerful man on Wall Street.

By Daniel Gross
Posted Thursday, Oct. 21, 2004, at 6:47 PM ET

Yes, interesting. I hadn't heard Spitzer had already been on a crusade against Wall Street. Seems completely plausible that they did go after him because of all this. I wonder how much of his litigation was justified, and how much was governmental overreach. Definitely the fact of people subject to questioning in New York Attorney General investigations not having the right to counsel or the right against self-incrimination is troubling. One would think that even mainstream courts would recognize statutes like those as completely unconstitutional. I wonder how they have remained on the books.

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I think it's more than plausible; I think it was probable. Regardless of Spitzer's tactics, Bush's mobsters couldn't move to bail out their fellow-looters in AIG and elsewhere without discrediting Spitzer first and diverting attention from their own crimes. And since the so-called 'Patriot Act' was admittedly used to bring Spitzer down (showing the Bush Gang was desperate enough to resort to these kinds of illegal actions to accomplish their ends), it should be investigated by Congress along with other treasonable acts of the Bushmen.