Electronic Newsletters

Dear Rob and All,

This is a little bit of a follow up on the brief discussion we had at
the last LPSF meeting re: Constant Contact, the e-mail newsletter.
Constant Contact is currently doing their usual Holiday promotion, and
offering a 60-day free introductory offer; they allow you to send for
60 days e-mail newsletters to 100 subscribers. Anything over 100
subscribers falls into their regular monthly pricing: 0-500 $15,
501-2500 $30, 2501-5000 $50; plus sales tax.

If we were to try Constant Contact, the Holiday Season would be the
time to do it, when, according to a marketing seminar presented by the
Agape Foundation I recently attended, people respond to appeals of all
sorts more than they do during the rest of the year.

However, at the risk of sounding negative, mean-spirited,
party-pooper, I will go ahead and confess that I am not quite clear on
good content for such a newsletter that would be of general interest
to the average libertarian-leaning Joe or Jane out there. But, I feel
that once we get back into the habit of writing regular
communications, we might find that we do come up with content of
general interest that will be read and appreciated.



Let's discuss this at the November meeting. We have a long list of
accomplishments this year -- we just need to come up with that list.
Also, hopefully by the November meeting, I'll have the new LPSF.org
website in decent form (you can monitor my progress at
http://www.lp-sf.org in the meantime). So we could have something in
the letter talking about our "new, interactive website" and inviting
people to participate. Also, since we're using Joomla, we can give
special website access to paid members (as an incentive for people to
keep their dues payments current) that allow them to participate in
discussions, write articles, and such.

In short, I think doing the Constant Contact trial in November/December
is a great idea.


Amarcy D. Berry wrote:

Terrific! Thank you, Rob. I am wondering if it might be interesting
for activists attending the November LPSF meeting to bring little
drafts of their suggested articles for the new improved Website and
electronic newsletter.