Electronic Frontier Foundation video conference on activism (Thursday Jan. 28, 5pm)

Although not always in synch with libertarians, on the whole the San Francisco based Electronic Frontier Foundation has been an important voice for online freedom and against government censorship and surveillance, among other values. On Thursday, they’re hosting an event to talk about this work and how people can get involved with it.

From EFF’s website (https://eff.org/2021-01-28-EFA):

Are you an organizer supporting digital rights through local or national advocacy & policy campaigns? Do you desire to integrate this type of work into your community engagement plan?

Whether you’re advocating for surveillance transparency at your local city hall, helping your neighbors coalesce around a right to repair bill, or hosting municipal broadband awareness events, we’d like to help!

EFF will host a conference to highlight the current work of grassroots advocates & campaign organizers, as well as explore growth opportunities on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at 5pm PST / 8pm EST.

We’ll hear from speakers describing campaign models available for your group’s replication, as well as practical and pedagogical lessons learned that you might consider when advocating for digital rights issues with your friends and neighbors.

Please register to receive the link through which to participate.

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Hello EFA group organizers,

After two months of modified schedules to accommodate the holidays and other happenings, we’re happy to be back on our second Thursday Training and last Thursday Advocacy, EFA video conference schedule. With new representatives having entered office in many of our districts, we’re excited to check-in with you all this Thursday, January 28 at 5 pm PDT / 7 pm CDT / 8 pm EDT and hear what you have in the works.

It may be many months before college campuses across the U.S. fully reopen, but when they do, students will be returning to learning environments that are under near-constant scrutiny by law enforcement. Campus police are acquiring the same technologies used by traditional law enforcement agencies, including drones, body-worn cameras, license plate readers, and more, all of which threaten our rights to privacy and free expression. EFF Director of Investigations Dave Maass will talk about the preliminary findings of our deep dive into campus surveillance as part of the Atlas of Surveillance project.

Please RSVP to join us: https://eff.org/2021-01-28-EFA

And, feel free to add to the notes before the video-conference, and to help us record all that is shared during the video conference

See you Thursday,

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