Election Rigging 101 2/26 in Oakland

This Saturday, you have a chance to learn from some great people
working for our nation's election integrity. Honoring the 40th
anniversary of the Voting Rights Act, they'll speak on voter
suppression, the 2004 exit polls, electronic voting machines,
pending litigation and legislation, and the specific steps we can
take to repair our voting system.

Speakers include Bob Fitrakis, Ohio attorney and editor of Columbus
Free Press, Butch Wing of Rainbow Push, Larry Bensky of KPFA, Walter
Riley of East Bay Votes, and others from Blackboxvoting.org,
VotersUnite.org, Open Voting Consortium, and Mainstream Moms
Operation Blue.

This should be a useful teach-in to prepare you for the battles
ahead. Here are the details:

Election Rigging 101: A National Teach-In
On the 2004 election and what we must do to restore democracy
Saturday, Feb. 26th
10am - 4pm

First Congregational Church
2501 Harrison Street
Oakland, CA

$10 suggested donation
Please come early, car pool, or take public transit
due to limited parking. Bring your lunch; no food will be provided
during the brief lunch break.

You must RSVP for this event at: