Election Results

For those who haven't seen it...


Regional Measure 3 - Bay Area Traffic Relief Plan. - passed

Local Measure C - Additional Tax on Commercial Rents Mostly to Fund Child Care and Education - won but looks like it didn't get the required 51%

Local Measure D - Additional Tax on Commercial Rents Mostly to Fund Housing and Homelessness Services - passed

Local Measure E - Prohibiting Tobacco Retailers from Selling Flavored Tobacco Products - Passed YUGELY

Local Measure F - City-Funded Legal Representation for Residential Tenants in Eviction Lawsuits - passed

Local Measure G - Parcel Tax for San Francisco Unified School District - passed

Local Measure H - Policy for the Use of Tasers by San Francisco Police Officers - NO

Local Measure I - Relocation of Professional Sports Teams - NO

Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Hi Mike. Thanks for posting. On C, it only needed 50% + 1 vote to pass,
but D need 2/3, so it looks like the worst of the 2 measures will become
the law. Everything else was pretty much as expected. F was approved but
with a lower percentage than I would have guessed. At least H didn't pass.


Yeah….sorry about that. Wrote it before coffee. Thanks for the clarification.

My daughter and I discussed the issues yesterday. She was entirely on the winning side of everything. About E she said “I hear the tobacco companies are using flavored tobacco to take advantage of people of color”. I asked if she was saying “people of color” aren’t as capable of deciding what they want as those who aren’t “people of color”? What exactly does that statement mean?

What a crazy place this is.


Yeah, Prop. H not passing was about the only good thing that happened, and that measure was already expected to fail. It's a hollow victory too, as the Police Commission already approved the SFPD having Tasers, and this was only about whether or not to give them carte blanche.

  While most of the bad results weren't that surprising, I'm stunned that Prop. E is passing by over 2/3rds. Campaigning against the measure, it really seemed like most people recognized that Prohibition isn't the answer. It's amazing that over 2/3rds of the city residents who bothered to vote still don't understand this simple fact in 2018, especially after all the mailers and everything the "No on E" campaign put out. From what I'd heard from those with access, the polling and focus groups seemed promising, so I don't know what happened.

  At least it looks like Jane Kim won't be mayor. She was probably my least favorite of a bad field. Now I'll cross my fingers and hope that London Breed as the lesser remaining evil edges out Mark Leno, who is a nice guy but probably has worse policies on the whole.

Love & Liberty,
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