election results

Hi Everyone,

  Perhaps the results of the Libertarian candidates can
be explained by the message they got across. Most
voters, if they bothered to do any research at all,
probably did so by reading the voter information guide.
With 135 candidates, it was hard for me, who usually
reads every word of the voter guide, to read all the
statements. Here's what you would think of the LP
candidates if you read their first sentence...

"I am a grocer who, with his family, specializes in
selling cigarettes to adults who make their own

"I advocate resolving budget deficit by rebuilding the
employment market in California and discouraging
outsourcing U.S. jobs
and technologies."

"I am an advocate for taxpayers and local control."

  Frankly, I'm not surprised that Roscoe got so few
votes. The first impression you get from his statement
is that he's a cigarette dealer. Most Californians do
not see that as an honourable profession. In fact, the
Guardian (or maybe it was the SF Weekly) editors
highlighted some of the their favourite funny blurbs
from candidate statments. Roscoe's first sentence was
placed just below Kevin Richter's "I breathe."
  The first impression you get from the other two
statements is
much more positive.