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I don't think doing a mailer for this election is realistic anymore. I haven't been able to dedicate enough time to it this week and there is very little time left before election day. Spending the money now seems like a waste and I'm not sure how quickly I could get it done. I don't plan on pursuing this.

I have posted our recommendations on our website

and would appreciate any feedback on these and suggestions. I still need to update it with something on Chesa Boudin, which Starchild has graciously provided.



  When you say you don't think doing a mailer is realistic any more, are you talking something beyond a postcard? It seems to me we can do a postcard relatively quickly – something like what you put on the website (thanks for getting that up!) would be the bulk of the content. I can design a card. Then it's just emailing it to the mail house, no?

  The Golden Gate Heights Neighborhood Association event this evening went fairly well I thought. Examiner columnist and former D7 supervisor candidate Joel Engardio and Housing Action Coalition representative Corey Stern were also there representing generally market-oriented housing ideas, although Corey was disappointingly supportive of Props. A and E. He did voice support for some of my comments though, and essentially said these propositions are basically just short-term fixes that aren't going to solve the problem.

  Joel seemed more ambivalent on the two measures, not sure he took a position one way or another. He mostly focused on making a very mild pitch to build more housing on the westside, saying his plan would be to seek neighborhood approval to put stuff in – he spoke unfavorably of Scott Weiner's stronger housing reform measure SB50 as "imposing" housing on neighborhoods. Again disappointing! I think he knows better, but is being a "practical" politician. There was also a woman there to speak in favor of Prop. E, the campaign manager for the Yes on E campaign in fact, but I didn't catch her name. Maybe 30 or so present in the audience, mostly caucasian, middle-aged and older.

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Prop A and E are both scams to a degree that is unbelievable. See below that 58% of all the 2015 "Affordable Housing" money went to infrastructure streets and sewers. The City has no money after paying all the salaries, pensions and health care benefits for employees and they have to create a Lie Machine to get by.

See this article on E published in the Examiner.


It's just a give away to developers without citizen review as required by every other development in the city.

How people can be out there talking in civil tones as if these measure are of any worth is beyond me.


Patrick Monette-Shaw

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