Ed Jew to City Attorney: Stop dragging feet...


  Actually now that you mention it Scott McDonald did say the exception was for public officials with the authority to set water rates and water rate policy; I'm sorry I neglected to recall that detail in my original message. But if you're right that the Board of Supervisors does not have this authority, then the PUC still acted improperly.

  Have the media been told about this? As I said, I haven't seen any reporting on it, though I'm sure I've hardly seen everything that's been reported about Ed. It might be advisable to get more of his side of the story out there now, since as you know at least half of the outcome of a case like this is based on how it plays in the court of public opinion, and the more people think Ed is at fault, the more his effectiveness as a legislator is undermined in the meantime while the legal proceedings drag on.

  Please let us know what's being done on the issue of conflict-of-interest pertaining to marijuana votes as mentioned in my last message when you get a chance.

Love & Liberty,
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