Echoes of History

As a 9 yeear old I found a copy of Himmler's biography, Not light reading. I should have kept to The Hardy Boys.

The remarkable thing was just how unremarkable the man was, At his trial at Nurenberg, he spoke as a banal bureaucrat, "only following orders."

Later I read Leanard Piekoffs book about the similarities between the Second Reich and modern day America. Unfortunately, Lenny's observations seem to be coming into focus.

Early twentieth century Germany and the US of today share the pain of economic stress brought about by excess debt and attempts to alleviate it through inflation. The levels of debt are similar.

The most dangerous actors in times of economic stress are usually young men with time on their hands. Sadly, History reverberates, and the political asasinationes at the hands of young men have begun. I hope they stop here but this brief history hints at the possible course of events that await us.

The question is, are the forces of human action unstoppable?

Should we stay or should we go?

My great grand parents siblings and their offspring stayed in Europe and perished.

Or should I just readjust my Meds??