EBLP Whitewater Rafting Trip

For the third year in a row, the East Bay Libertarian Parties are sponsoring our Annual Whitewater Rafting Fundraiser Event! Please join us on on June 2 and 3, 2007 for a fun-filled weekend of camping, rafting and exploring California history. This year, we will be floating down the Stanislaus River in San Joaquin County, a Class 2 river, so it will likely be a milder ride than we experienced on Cache Creek for the past two years.

Please contact our organizer, Peter Schoewe, at 925-890-2735 for reservations. The cost for this event is $70 per person for both days (Friday and Saturday nights), or $35 per day if you can only join us for one day (Saturday or Sunday)

River Rafting directions to the Stanislaus River and the Knight's Ferry Campground:

Take 580 east past Tracy then 120 to Oakdale. Highway 120 makes a sharp left in town, so follow the signs. About 9 miles out, take the Kennedy Road exit on the left side of Hwy 120. Signs for the town of Knights Ferry should be here too. Cross the bridge over the Stanislaus river and make a left. This is Sonora Road. Drive through the town of Knights Ferry. Near the end is Cemetery Road, where you will make a left turn. Take the first driveway into the camp ground.

No dogs are allowed in the campground. Water, hot showers, & picnic tables will be there. No bbq grills are provided, so we must bring our own. A 220V outlet is there, so if you have a 110V converter you can use it. My cell number is 925-890-2735. Leave a message, as some places have bad reception, but I can still get the message. More directions can be found at www.raftadventure.com. This is the company we're rafting with.

Don't forget sunblock, tent, sleeping bags & blankets because it may get really cold at night, extra shoes & clothes to get wet, baseball hat, cameras and extra zip lock bags. The rafting is 4-5 hours long all by itself, so bring drinking water along with you. Plan on being packed and ready to go on Sunday morning to leave for Columbia by around 10am. It's a short 30 min. flight, but we don't want to keep the natives waiting. Our tour of Columbia starts at 11 a.m. and lasts an hour. After this, we'll tour Moaning & Mercer Caverns

For more information, click on the links below:

www.riverjourney.com www.Columbiacalifornia.com www.caverntours.com www.mercercaverns.com

We're looking forward to seeing you there!

Thanks for forwarding this, Phil. However, I should clarify some of the
details about this event.

For those who are not interested in camping at Knight's Ferry or in the
whitewater rafting adventure, you need not participate in this activity.
That's the Saturday schedule.

If you can only join us for one day, and you want to stay dry, you could
meet up with us on Sunday, June 3. Peter Schoewe has arranged to have us
tour the old gold rush town of Columbia and then two California caves
(Moaning Caverns and Mercer Caverns). So there will be plenty for people to
do on Sunday, even if you don't wish to join us on Saturday.

Cost for both days is $70. If you can only come on Sunday, it's only $35.

Contact Peter at 925-890-2735 if you would like to come with us!

Terry Floyd