Easy Activism Again

Hi All! With the impending US Government involvement in Syria, it wouldn't hurt to let our representatives in Washington know our feelings about starting to bomb in Syria. I attended the rally on Saturday here in The City against another intervention oversees. It was about 250-300 folks, mostly from the lefty side of the spectrum, but there were a few of us Libertarians there. We marched from the UN Plaza to Union Square down Market Street with police escorts. While probably most of the folks downtown were not interested in politics and would have preferred to shop and see the sights rather than listen to our rabble, perhaps we got a few folks to ponder whether another intervention is a good idea. Since Obama is going to Congress for authorization this time, I pledged to contact my federal representatives and urge them to vote NO for authorization and funding for the bombing. It was impossible to contact any of them by phone (both of
Pelosi's voice mail boxes were full--hopefully with many unhappy messages urging her to change her hawkish stance), so I went to their websites and sent emails from there. I contacted Speier (Pelosi's website would not accept my comment because my zip code does not come under her jurisdiction), Boxer, Feinstein, and Obama (google White House, then Contact Us). This worked in Great Britain, by the way, and the Parliament voted not to authorize getting involved in another war.