dropping so as not take votes from John Dennis

Dear Daniel;

The Director of the Department of elections has already sent the ballot to the
printers. The die is cast as Phil is on the ballot.

Ron Getty

That doesn’t matter….if that card makes sense to play, it still makes sense after the fact. In fact, it makes it easier to play the card “both ways”.

Your call, of course, Phil. But the cheeckiness of the guy asking somebody to drop out of a race amazes me!!! If it were me running, expletives would be in order!


In case there was any doubt: I think Phil should stay in the race, not only
on the official ballot, but also rhetorically. Tea Partiers / Ron Paul fans
need to know why there's a Libertarian running against the Paul-annointed
Republican. If they see the issues where Phil and that Republican differ,
and they agree with Phil, they may convince that Republican to change his
position -- especially if they're major campaign contributors and/or

This, of course, requires at minimum that Phil's website contrast his
positions on the issues with the major party candidates -- preferably in
grid (a.k.a. scorecard) form. Let me know if you need help with that.