Don't Protest Bush - You Could be Declared a Terrorist

Dear Everyone;

Sundays Chronicle had a disturbing article on how Bush through the
Secret Service keeps anti-Bush protesters away from Bush and
reporters. Too bad about the Bill of Rights and freedom of speech.

The most disturbing part was this paragraph about Homeland Scurity.

[[ Attempts to suppress protesters become more disturbing in light
of the Homeland Security Department's recommendation that local
police departments view critics of the war on terrorism as potential
terrorists. In a May terrorist advisory, the Homeland Security
Department warned local law enforcement agencies to keep an eye on
anyone who "expressed dislike of attitudes and decisions of the U.S.
government." If police vigorously followed this advice, millions of
Americans could be added to the official lists of suspected
terrorists. ]]

The last four paragraphs of the article are also noteworthy for the
candor of Ashcroft. He abolished what the FBI could do to
investigate anyone or group they decided was not supportive enough
of Bush and the War on Terrorism.

Goodbye Bill of Rights and civil liberties.

Ron Getty
SF Libertarian