Don't Forget to Vote Today! Polls open until 8pm

If you haven’t already, of course. Here are the LPSF’s recommendations for the local measures on today’s ballot:

Prop. A (public transit bond) - NO
Prop. B (Building Inspection Commission reform) - NO POSITION
Prop. C (make recall elections harder) - NO
Prop. D (create new Victim/Witness Rights Office) - NO
Prop. E (further restrict behested payments) - YES
Prop. F (weak garbage collection reform) - NO
Prop. G (paid sick leave for air quality) - NO
Prop. H (DA Chesa Boudin recall) - NO

Candidates and campaigns understandably push their supporters to vote early – money in the bank for them. Some of us believe the smart money for individual voters however is on waiting till Election Day if possible (if you know you’ll be out of town or something on Election Day, then obviously it makes sense to vote in advance). Three important reasons for voting in person the day of:

• Races may change. Candidates may die or drop out before an election. Others may enter the race late (in some cases as write-ins). New information such as a major scandal may alter the electoral landscape. Or you may simply become aware of info that was already out there, but you hadn’t previously heard about.

• The longer the authorities have completed ballots in their possession, the more opportunity there is for vote-tampering or malfeasance.

• The Post Office does deliver most mail to its intended recipients in a timely manner, but voting by mail does still incur the risk of occasional loss or delay.

In any event, we encourage you to vote if you can but have not done so yet. Yes the system is flawed, but perfection isn’t an option, and harm reduction is a strong reason to participate.

You can read some slightly more detailed commentary about our recommendations on our website at

Love & Liberty,

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