Don't Attack Iran! - Demonstration in San Francisco, Saturday, July 19th

Don't Attack Iran!
Die-in at Pelosi's Home!
Saturday, July 19th, 4PM
2640 Broadway (between Scott & Divisadero) in San Francisco

Come Die-in at Speaker Pelosi's home to demonstrate the human cost of any
potential attack on Iran by the United States or its allies. There will be a
non-arrestable component of the demonstration and we will have an altar
featuring photos, candles and momentos of people inside Iran.

As the Bush administration maneuvers to bomb Iran, Congress has been a
willing enabler of the administration's crimes of aggression. Pelosi is one
of the "gang of eight" - congressional leaders that granted the
administration the powers (and $400 million) for covert operations inside
Iran to destabilize the regime and potentially clear the path for war.
Congress and Speaker Pelosi have the ability to stop the administration's
war plans. They can pass a resolution requiring congressional approval for
any future military action.

Why her house? A die-in at Pelosi's home will highlight the human cost of
the bombing, in residential neighborhoods like Pelosi's, and it'll get her
attention. She represents an anti-war district - her constituents are
serious about ending our current wars and preventing any future ones. As
Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi can do more to block the administration's
efforts for another murderous war.

Actions on the weekend of July 19th will coincide with UFPJ's national call
for action on July 19-21. Co-Sponsors include United for Peace and Justice,
Act Against Torture, Direct Action to Stop the War, Code Pink, Global
Exchange, and the Ecumenical Peace Institute. To sign on as a co-sponsor
contact Michael at <> ..

A co-ordination meeting will be held on Wed. July 16th at 7PM at MudRakers
Café, 2801 Telegraph Avenue, in Berkeley. Please send only one
representative from you organization or affinity group.