Donations Needed for Activity Fund

Hi All! In our continuing efforts to have more visibility this year, we would like to step up our tabling and outreach activities during the upcoming months. Dan from Golden Gate Liberty Revolution (formerly the Ron Paul Meet-up group in San Francisco) has had quite a bit of success reaching out to the Second Amendment crowd at the gun shows at the Cow Palace. Marcy lent Dan her easel, and Dan's folks gave a lot of people the Nolan Quiz at the most recent gun show, and a surprisingly high number of people scored in the Libertarian quadrant. I think this is a good place to spread the word and hopefully locate more activists willing to help out at events. In fact at the last monthly meeting of GGLR, two new folks showed up who had stopped by Dan's table at the gun show during the previous week-end. These outreach events cost money not only for table/booth space, but also to have lots of literature on hand to distribute Libertarian ideas. You
can't table with an empty table. Please consider supporting our efforts by donating to an Activity Fund which will be only for outreach efforts. Since this is not for membership, none of your donations for the Activity Fund will be shared with the state LP.

Our general funds balance has been going down in the last year due to our increased activities, and we cannot continue at this pace without jeopardizing the LPSF's financial stability. An infusion of donations will enable us to increase our visibility and credibility here in San Francisco as we participate in more events. The upcoming gun shows at the Cow Palace will be June 29-30, September 14-15, and November 2-3. The June gun show is out for us because we will be at our Pride booth on June 29 & 30, but the September and November weekends are good opportunities for us. Another potential excellent venue for us for next year is the Living Exp. I helped out at the GGLR booth this past weekend, and I have to say I've never seen so many perfect Nolan Quiz scores. The stickers were all clumped up at the top of the chart--a beautiful sight! Again all this costs cold hard cash, and if you want us to do more to change hearts and minds, please
help out. Marcy and I are both donating $25.00 each to the Activity Fund to kick it off.


Please send your check payable to the Libertarian Party of San Francisco to our address at 2261 Market Street, #170A, San Francisco, CA 94114. Or even better, come to our next monthly meeting on May 11, San Francisco Main Library, 4th Floor Conference Room, and bring your donation to the LPSF Activity Fund.

Note: When you donate to support our work, always let us know you want your support to go to Activity Fund, Membership, or Unrestricted Donation.

We thank you in advance!!


I'm in for $50, a small token for the unbelievable work you have been doing-Marcy, Aubrey, and Starchild especially.

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Thank you!!!!


I'm in...


Thank you, Mike D. I just posted an article on the LPSF website tooting LPSF's efforts and announcing the new Activity Fund. Hope to get some response!