Does the Governor and the Mayor have the right to close the roads, bridges and subways?

Here is a Libertarian Issue. That is what we get for electing wimps for New
York governor and a New York City Mayor. Look at what they did. They closed
the airports, the subways, the buses, the bridges, the highways, the post
office, all for seven inches of snow. Do you know how many millions or
billions of dollars this cost? These creeps need to resign and let real men
take these jobs.

Do they have the right to close the roads, the bridges, etc. People need to
work and feed their families. The mother of three of my children works in a
nursing home taking care of old people. When she gets off work she goes
home to rake care of her two kids. I do not know where she is now. If she
is at home the old people will starve. If she is at work the kids will
stave until the mayor allows the subways to start running again. I have
been through severe snow storms with five feet of snow. The subways
continued to work through the night. What ever happened about "Neither Rain
Nor Snow nor Gloom of Night *stays* these couriers from the swift
completion of their appointed rounds."

Sam Sloan